AAA 2014

Call for Session Proposals for AAA 2014!

The AAA website portal opens for the 2014 Annual Meeting on February 15. This year, there is only one deadline for all papers, panels, and other sessions: April 15.

There are two other small changes to the process: double-panels are no longer possible, and the “chair” role no longer counts as one of the two permitted roles per participant. The AAA is interested this year in better incorporating media technology into the program and in engaging with the broader Washington DC community, so keep those possibilities in mind as you are putting ideas for sessions together.

For 2014, the MES program committee for the AAA Annual Meeting is chaired by Kirsten Scheid and includes Esra Ozyurek and Yasmin Moll. You may direct any questions about the program process to Kirsten Scheid ([email protected]).