To join the MES you must first join the American Anthropological Association (AAA). The quickest way to join both the AAA and the MES is via the online membership application. Membership in the AAA includes significant benefits, including access to AnthroSource (the AAA’s online portal to full-text anthropological resources), receipt of both American Anthropologist and Anthropology News, access to employment opportunities, and much more.

All AAA members are required to join at least one section. Many members belong to multiple sections. The application at the link above includes a complete list of the AAA sections. Joining the MES requires a $10 annual charge in addition to the AAA’s basic annual membership.

The American Anthropological Association offers a variety of different types of membership, and annual fees vary according to membership type. Please peruse the AAA website or, alternatively, contact the AAA directly at:

The American Anthropological Association
2300 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 1301
Arlington VA 22201
Phone (703) 528-1092
FAX (703) 528-3546