The Middle East Section (MES) of the American Anthropological Association convenes anthropologists with an interest in the peoples, cultures and histories of the Middle East. Our membership is noteworthy for its disciplinary diversity: socio-cultural anthropologists, linguistic anthropologists, physical anthropologists and archaeologists, as well as practicing anthropologists from these subdisciplines, all participate actively in the section, and our membership thrives on the participation of members from the United States, the Middle East, and from other parts of the world. The activities of the MES, while ongoing, peak at the annual conference of the American Anthropological Association, where the MES sponsors sessions and panels proposed by its membership. The MES also awards an annual student paper prize.

The membership of the MES and anthropology as a whole are uniquely poised to contribute to establishing and promoting public understanding and policy frameworks that accommodate the historical experience and sociocultural diversity of the peoples of the Middle East.

The MES is led by an elected Board of Directors (listed below) who work and serve within the parameters described in the Middle East Section bylaws.

Board of Directors

Emilio Spadola
Colgate University
[email protected]
President (2016-2018)

Jessica Winegar
Northwestern University
[email protected]
President-Elect (2017-2018)

Charis Boutieri
King’s College London
[email protected]
Treasurer (2016-2019)

John Schaefer
Miami University (Ohio)
[email protected]
Secretary (2017-2020)

Fadi Bardawil
University of North Carolina
[email protected]
Board member (2015-2018)

Sa’ed Atshan
Swarthmore College
[email protected]
Board member (2016-2019)

Amahl Bishara
Tufts University
[email protected]
Board member (2016-2019)

Christa Salamandra
Lehman College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
[email protected]
Board member (2017-2020)

Jesse Casana
Dartmouth College
[email protected]
Board Member, Archaeology Seat (2015-2018)

Samee Sulaiman
Brown University
[email protected]
Contributing Editor to Anthropology News
Student Representative to the Board (2017-2020)

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