MES Resolution to Boycott Israeli Academic Institutions

June 13, 2021
The MES section vote on the Resolution to Boycott Israeli Academic Institutions closed Friday June 11 at midnight. Our membership voted overwhelmingly in support of the resolution. The results were as follows:

Yes (In favor of endorsing the resolution): 157 (93.5%)
No (Not in favor of endorsing the resolution): 11 (6.5%)
Abstentions: 0
[Total votes tallied: 168]
Response Rate: 71% (168/238)

Thank you for your participation in our process. We will do our best to remain in regular communication with you as new developments unfold.

BACKGROUND – The following message was sent to members about the resolution and vote:

On Tuesday May 18, 2021, the MES Board received a petition signed by eighteen members in good standing, putting the attached resolution forward for a vote. According to Article XIII of the MES Bylaws:

“A referendum may be conducted by online ballot at any time upon initiation of the Executive Committee or upon receipt by the Secretary of a petition signed by 10 members in good standing. A majority of votes shall constitute a favorable vote.”

In keeping with our obligations as the executive board, we are forwarding this resolution to all members in good standing (i.e. whose membership is currently active). Voting on this resolution will commence on Thursday June 2 and will close on June 11th at midnight (EST). You will receive information about voting on May 27.

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