Call for submissions for MES’ photo contest!

The Middle East Section (MES) of the AAA is having a photo contest to celebrate our vantages on the MENA region and to support our website!

Photographs should speak broadly to the idea of “Transitions,” the theme of the 2023 AAA conference.

Each submission can include up to 5 photos each with a caption (50-100 words) that explains the date, location, context, and the process through which the photograph was taken. Photos may be submitted as stand-alone images or a short image series meant to be viewed together (please specify). Submissions should be in jpg or tiff.

We encourage submissions from anthropologists and anthropologists-in-the-making, especially from the MENA region. Each person is limited to one submission of five photographs. We ask that those submitting be members of the Middle East Section, except for students, non-tenure track faculty or scholars in the Global South if membership imposes a significant hardship.

The winners will each receive a modest cash prize ($100). Their photos will be used on the website and social media and will be credited each time they are used.

Please make your submission here by Thursday, August 31st:

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